Mission & Purpose


We inspire and educate organizations to strategically plan better ways to serve their population, supporting them as they work to uphold their mission.

Additional Information

 We strive to be a part of the  solution for the challenges in people’s lives. Because  the influences of sports, music and art are powerful, we use them as a  way to reach and connect with people of all ages.    

We  are dedicated to spreading ideas and values that promote well-being and  a balance of mind, body and soul. To reach for that balance, we  encourage optimism, empathy, health, service, hard work, humility,  confidence and giving others a hand up, not a hand out. 

Our goal is to make a positive  difference within individuals first, then promote spreading that positivity into the community, and then to the world.  


Our programs are designed to inspire positive change in people from all  backgrounds and in all communities.  We  provide learning opportunities for all ages, through mentoring, life-skills training classes, personal growth and development sessions, sports leagues/programs and musician development programs. 

Our passion is to expand positive thought and action everywhere through our programs as  well as partnering with organizations, individuals and/or charities as well as by sponsoring community social events.