Board Members

President - Mark Bryan

 Mr. Bryan is currently a behavioral and emotional support counselor in Massachusetts.  Over the past 20 years, he has been a counselor,  an advocate (for children and adults) and a case manager in various  foster care agencies, social services departments and psychiatric facilities in both Massachusetts and Maryland.  Much of his experience  has been with at-risk youth, advocating for them and their families.   Mr. Bryan’s experience has been with both non-profit  organizations/schools as well as public agencies.  He has also  facilitated various after school youth programs and is a coach for a sports program during the summers.  Mr. Bryan received a Bachelor of  Science in Psychology from Atlantic Union College and earned a Master’s  Degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University.  

Secretary - Lameik Johnson

 Mr. Johnson is a mentor and community outreach coordinator.  He develops  and facilitates a youth basketball summer program in New York City  where he is also a coach and mentor.  Mr. Johnson has worked with  various youth programs in New York City in association with several local community organizers.  He coordinates staff and volunteers at the  "Summer of Choice" Day Camp, associated with the Good Shepherd Church.  He has been a teacher's aide, mentor and staff consultant for several elementary schools in Yonkers and Manhattan.  Much of his experience has included working with at-risk children and youth, supporting them and  their families.  Mr. Johnson was the assistant to the Director of the  "Harlem 40" study program: an educational/sociology program following and studying 40 children from early childhood through adulthood.  Upon graduating from high school, he attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College where he was enrolled for three semesters in the Psychology program.  Mr. Johnson is currently working towards completing his college education.  

Treasurer - Lisa Lang

 Ms. Lang is a professional educator and administrator.  Over the past 20 years, she has worked in education, community outreach with various  organizations and served on several non-profit boards.  She spent some  of those years as the director and lead teacher of a preschool in  California where she developed and facilitated a parent/family education  program for the community.  Ms. Lang was also a vice principal and teacher of various elementary grades.  Much of her experience has  included working with those at-risk, from the very young  child through teenagers, educating and supporting them and their  families.  She is now a providing educational support/enrichment for students up through high school, teaching life skills classes and creating programs for the community.  She is also a presenter and peer  educator for a local health based non-profit organization.  Ms. Lang  attended the University of Maryland as well as Columbia Union College where she earned a B. Elementary Education.